Be Prepared for the Demands of Horse Riding.

Evidence Based Training Methods for Every Rider.

We're so committed to YOU and your NEEDS we ensure all programs are worth 10x in VALUE and offer a 30 day money back GUARANTEE with every purchase.

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Rider Introduction to Strength and Conditioning Program.

The perfect 4 week program for riders who're new to strength training or coming back from a period off.

Designed for Dressage, Showjumping and Event Riders. With 3 x Strength and 1 conditioning session a week. You will have access to 30 personalised coaching videos so i'm with you every step of the way. Kick start your strength journey today under elite guidance and reach new levels on the horse and in health.


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*One off Payment and the program will be yours.

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Rider Intermediate Strength and Conditioning Program.

The Intermediate Program is designed to unlock new heights in the weight room which will transfer onto the saddle. With 50 Personalised coaching video's, 3 x strength sessions and 2 x conditioning sessions.

It's a 4 week program for riders who have previous strength training experience, completed our Introduction program or who have more time to implement training into their lives. With greater exercise selection and intensities it's time to ramp up your physical riding performance.


Today Just: £60

*One off Payment and the program will be yours.

Rider Monthly Program.

Looking for More Accountability? This coaching program allows you to have access to an elite coach and become part of a community where you can discuss training with a coach and like minded riders. It's a a monthly Coaching Program for riders of Eventing, Dressage, and Showjumping and you will have access to 100s of professional coaching videos and be able to log and monitor all training, wellness, readiness and recovery through an Elite Online App.

With fresh weekly programming tailored to the summer seasons you will cover mobility, strength, rider specific conditioning, rider warm ups and competition preparation work.

Embed strength and conditioning into your every day life and become the best physical version of yourself.



Today Just: $60/PCM

*A new tab will open and called "TrainHeroic " This is the app and system we use for Monthly coaching programming. As you can see it's also in $ as its a USA app which works worldwide.

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1-1 Worldwide Online Coaching.

Bespoke coaching, everything from recovery, lifestyle, strength and conditioning is tailored to you, your goals and schedule. This is the full package with direct contact time an elite coach your own program.

This is the full package, everything is designed to crush your goals, push boundaries and make you a stronger, fitter and healthier jockey. I will hold you accountable for training and we will build a partnership that goes far beyond your expectations.

Depending on package choice will dictate contact time with me and limited spaces available on each packages. Please click below to see the options and find out more about 1-1 Worldwide Online Coaching.


* Minimum of 3 Month Contract so we can get the best out of our partnership.

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