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Improve your position in the saddle.

Positioning when riding is critical for performance for dressage keeping your torso vertical is where the points can be picked up.

For jockeys, show jumpers and eventers having rotation in the shoulder is going to be important for you to be the most aerodynamic you can. If you understand how the scapulars move and can retract well then you still can perform your position in an aero dynamic position with an added benefit of your lats working much harder. Your position could also cause discomfort and tightness throughout the day around the shoulders and neck, implementing exercises to work the opposite muscles compared to your sport is important to reduce imbalances and tightness.

Add these three exercises into your strength and conditioning program to help your position on the horse.


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Will weight training make you heavy?

To many times i hear "Don't lift weights it will make you heavy" this is true if YOU ARE eating the calories required. I want you to see weight in the gym go up and body weight go down. So to become lean and strong reduce calorie intake keep the volume of weight training (Repetitions/Sets) low per exercise and increase the intensity when training (Weight up).

No kit? Add these 3 Exercises.

For Dressage making sure your torso is vertical is critical, if you find that your shoulders are falling forward and rounded then try these three exercises to help improve your position. Add them into your current strength and conditioning program for maximal effect.

Weak Core?

Sit ups and crunches should be in the past and are not going to give you the best stimulus to improve your core strength. Having an effective brace is so important when riding, external forces are coming from every direction and your job is to be still, light and aero dynamic. Add these two core exercises into your program and get more bang for your buck when training.