Specific Programs

These Programs are designed to improve specific areas which you may believe need work on.

To see best results add them to your main Strength and Conditioning program.

Hip Mobility

Struggling with hip mobility or feeling tight around the joint during riding and every day life? The hips plays a vital role when riding and you are asking a lot from them everyday.

This Hip Mobility Program is designed to help increase mobility in and around the hip joint so you reduce discomfort, improve your riding position and have healthier hips.

Includes 2 Hip Session which should be completed 3 x a week. For best results add to your current Strength and conditioning program


Yes! Free My Hips.

Back Mobility

Back Pain is Common in Riders. Are you fed up of your Back Pain? You are tight and Lack mobility in and around the back which may be causing pain and discomfort?

Don't let aches and pains affect your every day life and riding performance. Add this Lower back program to your current Strength program to reduce pain, and tightness.

Includes 1 lower back session which should be completed 3 x a week. For best results add to your current Strength and conditioning program.


Rider Warm Up

I Assume you warm the horse up before starting the main session? But i can guarantee 80% of Riders dont prepare themselves before riding.

This may lead to a decrease in performance and could increase the chances of injury. It may even take you a while to get going in the saddle.

Be the 20% and prepare yourself for your ride before you jump on.

Add quick no kit 5 minute warm ups to your routine, there are two warm up options and it is simple to complete.



Looking to add some extra conditioning to your program? Want structure to your conditioning sessions? Don't know where to start?

Most riders dont have structure to their conditioning sessions and therefore have slow progression. This 4 week Conditioning program consists of 3 x sessions a week and is designed to increase your engine.

The Program consists of tempo, interval and aerobic sessions with each week increasing in intensity/volume. You can complete the conditioning by running or any cardio equipment you enjoy.